Sunday, April 20

Yep, still kicking.

Sorry for the lack of posts, folks, it's been a busy few weeks. I found a new job, went out of town for Easter, told I was getting sacked, quit, went out of the country for 15 days, found out I might not have a new job, then found I actually do (starting tomorrow). Having been in England for 2 weeks, I can tell you there are few deals to be had there. Highlights include:
  • £1.10 ($2.20) for a single Krispy Kreme donut
  • £3.40 ($6.80) for a Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks
  • £5.50 ($11) for an all-day bus/subway travel pass within Zone 1
  • £18 ($36) for a small pizza, breadsticks, and single glass of wine
  • £130 ($255) per night for a (barely) three star hotel (barely) in central London
  • £1.05/L ($7.98/gal) for gas - thankfully I did not use a car

There were a few relative deals:

  • 45p ($0.90) for a pint of milk
  • £3.99 ($8) for a T-Mobile UK SIM card and 3p ($0.06)/minute to call the US
  • free incoming calls and texts on any mobile phone
  • no currency conversion fee using Bank of America card to get cash from Barclay's ATMs

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